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vi riporto una notizia letta oggi su BBC News. Facciamo girare le informazioni.


Titolo: Naples hosts cabinet crisis talks

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is holding his first cabinet meeting in the southern city of Naples, mired in a rubbish crisis.
Angry residents have taken to burning the piles of rotting waste, which have littered the streets for months.
Mr Berlusconi, 71, is expected to unveil a series of measures, including controversial new rubbish dump sites.
But, despite high security in the city, he and his colleagues are likely to be confronted by protesters.
No fewer than seven separate marches are due to converge in the city’s main square, near where the cabinet will be meeting at the main police headquarters, according to Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper.
Mafia link
Locals blame chronic mismanagement by the city authorities and the involvement of the Naples mafia, the Camorra, for the rubbish crisis.
“We didn’t need a cabinet meeting to underline the fact that [the rubbish issue] is an absolute priority for us,” said Minister for Implementation Gianfranco Rotondi, according to La Repubblica.
“We are here to say that the Berlusconi government is beginning from the South of the country and aims to get Italy moving again, starting right here in Naples,” he added.
Municipal rubbish collections were stopped in Naples in December and the city’s landfill sites are overflowing.
There are an estimated 45,000 tonnes of rubbish in the wider Campania region, and 3,500 tonnes in Naples alone.
In early May, the European Union announced it was taking the Italian government to court over its mishandling of the region’s waste management.
Mr Berlusconi is also expected to announce tough new measures to deal with crimes committed by illegal immigrants.
He will announce a new draft law which makes it a crime punishable by up to four years’ imprisonment to enter the country illegally.
He will also announce measures to deal with an influx of Roma, or Gypsy, people.
The BBC’s David Willey, in Rome, says they are often perceived – rightly or wrongly – by the Italian public as responsible for an increase in violent crime.

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Hi to all.
I’m native of Naples, and i’ve seen with my young eyes what is happened during these years in my town !
In our beautiful country many Presidents are changed, but the results remains the same. South is considered sometimes a sort of a “second world”, where in the past garbage of North industry were sent. Actually is only exploded a problem that was present also in previous Berlusconi’s mandate, but he didn’t made anything to solve the problem.
Perhaps, now, somthing will be done because cameras are focused on the question. Mr Berlusconi can’t make the difference, because he is only one person.
The change and the innovation will be possible only if Local Administration, Naples citizen and finally all State want really change.
Camorra exist because are these entities that allow it to exist, otherwise it remains only a word that represent a minor part of the total, brave, clever and likeable people that live in Naples and in the South of Italy.
Best Regards,